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There are many brands of energy products in a variety of forms including drinks, pills, gum and more. They all have one thing in common - Caffeine. The problem with traditional caffeine products is that they are ingested orally and so, the active ingredients have to make their way through the body before the user feels the effects. Therefore, orally ingested energy products contain a super high doses of caffeine to make up for the potency degradation as the formula makes its way through the body. The result is an unreliable and over-dosed effect that leads to stomach problems, jitters and the typical crash.

When caffeine is delivered through the nose versus the mouth, the results are far more targeted more evenly effective. In a nasal spray, caffeine goes straight through the blood-brain barrier, providing instant lasting results without the unwanted side effects of oral products. The results include increased focus, alertness and sustained energy without any adverse reactions.

Turbo Snort, the world's first caffeine energy nasal spray. If you're speed freak - Turbo Snort is not for you, but if you are someone who needs a cup of coffee or an energy shot to get through your day - Turbo Snort is will become your daily hero.

You can use Turbo Snort on its own or in combination with your normal energy regimen such as coffee, energy shots, energy drinks, energy pills and more. Turbo Snort is perfect for anyone who needs instant mental alertness and it it lasts for hours. One dose of Turbo Snort gives you 2-4 hours of energy without any crash.

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Don't drink your energy shots - Snort your energy with Turbo Snort caffeine energy nasal spray. Hunger Buster
Turbo Snort Energy Nasal Spray
Regular Price: $14.99
Hunger Buster Nasal Spray
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Sale Price: $16.99
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Turbo Snort is the worlds' first caffeinated energy nasal spray that instantly increases mental energy, physical endurance and alertness.
Hunger Buster nasal spray reduces appetite and boosts metabolism with green coffee beans, raspberry ketones, green tea and capsaicin.