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Natural Headache ReliefMillions of people suffer from random and chronic headaches of all types including migraines, clusters, tension and more. Most people use OTC and prescription pain relievers, but the side effects are harmful to the body over log periods of time. Capsaicin, the natural heat component of hot peppers is clinically proven to relieve and prevent painful headaches of types when applied through the nose. In addition, herbs such as Feverfew and Peppermint have been shown to reduce headache pain better than drugs.

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Sinus Plumber Hot Pepper Capsaicin Allergy Nasal Spray Sinus Plumber Allergy Formula

Sinus Plumber uses natural horseradish & hot pepper to relieve allergy, sinus and headache symptoms fast.

Regular Price: $14.99

Sinus plumber Hot Pepper Capsaicin Sore Throat Cough and Cold Spray Sinus Plumber Throat Spray

Sinus Plumber Throat Spray relieves cold and flu symptoms including sore throat and coughing.

Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.99
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Sinus Plumber Allergy Cough and Cold Deal Sinus Plumber Allergy Cold Combo

You get one bottle of our famous Sinus Plumber Caspaicin nasal spray and one bottle of throat spray.

Regular Price: $29.99

Sinus Plumber Hot Pepper Capsaicin and Caffeine Headache Nasal Spray Sinus Plumber Headache Formula

Sinus Plumber Headache targets pain from all kinds of headaches with the power of capsaicin & caffeine.

Regular Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $14.99
You save $2.00!