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Earthworm Wrinkle Butter Hollywood Beauty Secret Earthworm Wrinkle Butter

Wrinkle Butter contains powerful anti-aging compounds to revive skin thanks to earthworm castings (pooh).

Regular Price: $29.00

ThermaScalp Hair Loss Anti-itch Scalp Spray ThermaScalp Anti-Itch Spray

ThermaScalp spray uses caffeine & capsaicin to relieve dry scalp, itching and thinning hair naturally.

Regular Price: $15.00

Sinus Plumber Mild Pepper Nasal Spray Sinus Plumber Mild Pepper Nasal Spray

This is a MILD version of original Sinus Plumber natural nasal spray for general allergies and sinus problems.

Regular Price: $14.99
Acne Killer Black Body Wash Acne Killer Body Wash

Acne Killer Body Wash is guaranteed to prevent and clear breakouts while hydrating skin.

Regular Price: $15.00

Greensations Plant Shield Greensations Plant Shield

Plant Shield is a natural fungicide, miticide and insecticide for all plants.

List Price: $25.00
Regular Price: $25.00

Sinus Plumber Hydrogen Peroxide Nasal Rinse Salt Sinus Plumber Hydrogen Peroxide Sinus Rinse

Sinus Plumber hydrogen peroxide nasal rinse targets airborne viral particles and allergens that cause colds and flu.

Regular Price: $14.99
Sinus Plumber Allergy Cough and Cold Deal Sinus Plumber Allergy Cold Combo

You get one bottle of our famous Sinus Plumber Caspaicin nasal spray and one bottle of throat spray.

Regular Price: $25.00

Cocodent Mouth Tonic Cocodent Mouth Tonic

Cocodent mouth tonic uses two powerful herbal ingredients to support healthy teeth and gums.

Regular Price: $15.00
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