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Natural Sleep RemedyIn the modern era of 24/7 connectivity with smart phones, tablets and constant social media updates, a good nights' sleep is tough to get living our busy lives. While prescription medications like Ambien were all the rage a few years ago, consumers have turned away from sleep medications in search of natural alternatives. Herbs such as Valerian, Chamomile and Lavender promote relaxation and sleep without the side effects of prescription and OTC drugs.

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Indica Cannabis Terpene Inhaler Hybrid Cannabis Terpene Inhaler
Indica Terpene Nasal Inhaler
Regular Price: $12.99

Hybrid Terpene Nasal Inhaler
Regular Price: $12.99

Cannabis Indica Terpene aromatherapy nasal inhaler for anxiety and sleep without THC and CBD. Cannabis Hybrid Terpene nasal inhaler aromatherapy for relaxation and focus without THC and CBD.