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CBD Hemp FlowerHemp flower and marijuana are both forms of cannabis, but hemp is legal everywhere because it contains less than 0.3% THC. Hemp is naturally high in CBD so it won't get you high in the traditional sense, but hemp buds also contain dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes that help with relaxation, pain relief, anxiety and more. Organic hemp flower can be smoked like any cannabis with mild effects that can sedate or energize depending on the strain, just like marijuana. Many cannabis users also mix gourmet hemp with marijuana for the extra benefits of CBD and pungent plant terpenes. All our hemp flower is sourced from organic hemp farms and fully lab tested for cannabinoid content and purity. All our hemp flower is guaranteed below 0.3% THC and legal in all 50 states. All our hemp flower comes in vacuum sealed jars under our Cannabis Apothecary brand. *Keep your receipt in states that don't allow marijuana because the cops and even police dogs cannot tell the difference between legal hemp and illegal marijuana.
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Cherry Wine CBD Flower Cherry Daze CBD Hemp Flower

Cherry Wine is a hybrid with super high CBD content combined with sweet energizing terpenes.

Regular Price: $26.00
Stormy Daniels CBD Flower Stormy CBD Hemp Flower

Stormy Daniels is a powerful kush strain for relaxation and stress with many terpenes and cannabinoids.

Regular Price: $34.00

Easy Rider CBD Flower Easy Rider CBD Hemp Flower

Easy Rider is a dutch hybrid of indica and ruderalis that's great for inflammation and pain.

Regular Price: $37.00
Incredible Hulk CBD Flower Incredible Hulk Hemp Flower

Hulk CBD flower is a sativa-dominant hybrid used for energy, focus, concentration and as an anti-depressant.

Regular Price: $39.00

Durban Poison CBD Flower Durban Poison CBD Hemp Flower

Durban Poison is a powerful sativa that great for focus, mood and pain relief.

Regular Price: $40.00