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The medicinal value of cannabis has been known for centuries, but once federal law legalized hemp, CBD has become very popular. CBD is well regarded as effective for a variety of common ailments including seizures, pain relief, insomnia and anxiety. CBD is derived from the Hemp version of cannabis which under federal law must contain less than 0.3% THC. Hemp's cannabis cousin, marijuana is exactly the same except it contains higher amounts of THC and is known to produce a high. It's important that legal hemp contains at least some THC because CBD needs some THC in order to be effective. THC does not produce a high in low doses, but it's very important in CBD products because cannabinoids interact together. This is why some CBD products that claim to have zero THC are not effective, while products containing under 0.3% show much greater efficacy. In fact, pure CBD isolates anot effective at all because aside from lacking THC, they also lack any of the other trace cannabinoids or terpenes found in the whole hemp plant.

New science also shows terpenoids (terpenes), are just as important as cannabinoids for whole-plant therapy known as the “Entourage Effect”. Cannabis contains dozens of terpenes responsible for the unique smell and taste of marijuana strains that work in unison with cannabinoids. By stimulating the olfactory nerves, terpenes modulate mood-altering characteristics in specific marijuana strains along with THC and CBD. That’s why Indica strains tend to be more relaxing while Sativa strains are more uplifting.

Greensations manufactures a variety of products using legal cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids such as CBD and we also carry varieties of CBD Hemp flower which is legal in all 50 states.
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Sativa Terpene Inhaler Sativa Terpene Nasal Inhaler

Cannabis Sativa Terpene aromatherapy nasal inhaler for mental and physical energy without THC and CBD.

Regular Price: $12.99

Indica Cannabis Terpene Inhaler Indica Terpene Nasal Inhaler

Cannabis Indica Terpene aromatherapy nasal inhaler for anxiety and sleep without THC and CBD.

Regular Price: $12.99

Hybrid Cannabis Terpene Inhaler Hybrid Terpene Nasal Inhaler

Cannabis Hybrid Terpene nasal inhaler aromatherapy for relaxation and focus without THC and CBD.

Regular Price: $12.99

Anax Cannabis Terpene Cream Anax Terpene Pain Itch Cream

Anax Terpene cream fights pain and itching with proven cannabis terpenes and hot pepper extract.

Regular Price: $14.50

Sinus Plumber Saline Hemp CDB Nasal Spray Sinus Plumber CBD Hemp Nasal Spray

Sinus Plumber saline uses CBD hemp oil extract and sea salt to relieve and prevent sinus and allergy symptoms.

Regular Price: $15.50