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Sinus Plumber Nasal Inhaler caffeine vape e juice Indica Cannabis Terpene Inhaler
Sinus Plumber Nasal Inhaler
Regular Price: $10.00

Caffeine Vape Juice
Regular Price: $12.99

Indica Terpene Nasal Inhaler
Regular Price: $12.99

Sinus Plumber nasal inhaler uses a proprietary blend of essential oils to relieve common sinus and allergy problems fast. Caffeine Vape Juice boosts mental energy without nicotine. Use straight or add to any e-juice brand. Cannabis Indica Terpene aromatherapy nasal inhaler for anxiety and sleep without THC and CBD.
Hybrid Cannabis Terpene Inhaler Sinus Plumber nasal rinse drops Pain Relief Spray with Capsaicin and Cactus
Hybrid Terpene Nasal Inhaler
Regular Price: $12.99

Sinus Plumber Nasal Rinse Drops
List Price: $12.99
Regular Price: $12.99

Pain Bullet Cactus Spray
Regular Price: $13.50

Cannabis Hybrid Terpene nasal inhaler aromatherapy for relaxation and focus without THC and CBD. Sinus Plumber Nasal Rinse Drops are designed for use with any neti pot or nasal rinse device to relieve nasal allergy and cold symptoms.
Pain Bullet targets pain in joints, muscles and nerves with a proprietary Hot Pepper Cactus formulation.
Coconut Oil Chocolate Remineralizing Tooth Spray from Cocodent Sinus Plumber Hot Pepper Headache Nasal Spray Cocodent Coconut Peppermint Tooth Oil
Coconut Cacao Tooth Spray
Regular Price: $14.99

Sinus Plumber Headache Formula
Regular Price: $14.99

Coconut Peppermint Tooth Oil
Regular Price: $14.99

Cocodent Tooth Spray uses antibacterial Coconut Oil & Cacao to fight decay, freshen breath and strengthen teeth. Sinus Plumber Headache targets pain from all kinds of headaches with the power of capsaicin & caffeine. Cocodent Tooth Oil promotes healthy gums and teeth to fight gingivitis and tooth decay.
Anax Pepper Hemorrhoid Remedy Hyaluronic Acid Beauty Spritz
Anax Hemorrhoid Cream
Regular Price: $15.00

Hyaluronic 4D Beauty Spritz
Regular Price: $29.00

Anax Hemorrhoid cream uses the proven power of hot peppers to relieve itching, pain and swelling. Hyaluronic Beauty Spritz reduces wrinkles and tightens skin with the help of snake peptides and stem cells.